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Live in an $8m West Village loft for just $1 a month (seriously!)

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Hi, I’m Rupert, SpareRoom’s founder and CEO and I’m moving from London to New York to focus on SpareRoom’s expansion across the US. I’m renting a three floor loft in the West Village and am looking for two roommates to share it with for just $1 a month each. Want to join me?

I’ve shared with roommates back home in London for years, not because I need to but because I love it. I really believe living with the right people beats living on your own any day. You just don’t get that spontaneity living on your own. New people, new influences, new experiences - you can’t beat it.

SpareRoom’s growing fast and it’s an exciting time, but I don’t want to move to a new city and come home to an empty apartment every night. I want to share my adventure and meet new people.

When you’re new somewhere the people you live with have a huge impact. They can make the difference between you falling in love with a city or never feeling at home. I don’t want affordability to get in the way of finding the right people so I’m offering the rooms for just $1 a month. If I choose you it’ll be because we get on, not down to how much rent you can afford to pay.

I know what it’s like to try to pursue your dreams in an expensive city. When I first moved to London to be in a band when I was 21 it was financially tough. I worked two jobs, including stocking shelves in a supermarket, to make ends meet. So it would be great to think that this might be an opportunity for one, or both, of my roommates to save on rent and pursue their dreams. That could be something creative, volunteering or studying or maybe starting a business like I did.

So, if you’re interested in sharing with me for just $1 a month, take a look at my SpareRoom listing and watch the video.

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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