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Are We Done With City Living?

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The pandemic has brought with it a whole new way of working, with many businesses now offering a hybrid model, and others ditching their offices entirely and allowing employees to work remotely full-time.

But what does that mean for the future of America's cities? Is it jobs that draw people in, or the cities themselves? We deceded to find out.

We asked 3,000 American renters this question - 'If you could live anywhere and keep your job would you choose to move out of your current town/city or stay put?'

Over half of New Yorkers said they'd leave the city if they could keep their job. Most of them (42%) would move to a new city, with Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles the most popular destinations. 20% said they'd leave the US altogether and settle overseas and 10% wouldn't settle in one place at all.

It's not just New Yorkers who want a change of scenery either. 71% of renters in LA said they'd leave, with 39% opting for a new city - New York and San Diego being the favorites.

Interestingly, renters outside the biggest US cities also said they'd like to move, with 76% saying they re-locate if they could work remotely and 39% opting to move to a city.

All of this points to a desire for change. Some people would happily leave cities, or even leave the US altogether. But it seems some just want a change of city.

It looks like we're not done with city life just yet.


Image credit: Aaron Burson


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