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SpareRoom is now US wide

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Following our successful launch in San Francisco and LA at the start of the year we’re excited to announce that SpareRoom is expanding right across the US. You can now find your perfect room or roommate anywhere in the country using our free iOS and Android apps as well as online.

New York’s where it all began for us in the US, but we’ve always known other cities desperately needed a better way of finding great roommates, so we’re excited to open SpareRoom up to everyone. From Boston to San Diego and Seattle to Miami, we’re looking forward to helping you find your perfect rooms and roommates.

Most businesses would raise venture capital to grow, but we’ve chosen to fund our US expansion ourselves. There’s a simple reason for that – we believe the only people we should be answering to when it comes to making our decisions are you, our users, not investors.

So we’ve committed $6m of our UK profits to making sure SpareRoom delivers exactly what you need to find the best places to live and, more importantly, the right people to share with. Our founder and CEO Rupert Hunt is even moving to New York to oversee everything and make sure we don’t miss a trick. More on that next week…

SpareRoom started in 2004 in the UK, where we’re the biggest roommate site – and the third biggest real estate site period - so we’re also bringing more than a decade’s experience with us.

Wherever you are and whoever your perfect roommate is, we’re looking forward to helping!


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