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Move over Brooklyn – Queens is the new king

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What happens when a borough has been up and coming for so long it’s now up and come? Simple, people start looking elsewhere for cheap rents. This being New York, ‘cheap’ is a relative term, of course.

These are the average Q4 monthly roommate rents for the NYC boroughs(we left Staten Island out because so few people live with roommates there there’s not enough data).

  • Bronx – $810
  • Brooklyn – $1,066
  • Manhattan – $1,493
  • Queens – $927

…and here’s how much they went up from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015

  • Bronx – 3.4%
  • Brooklyn – 1.1%
  • Manhattan – 7%
  • Queens – 13.6%

That’s right, Queens is leading the way when it comes to rent increases. Does that mean Brooklyn has finally up and come? Quite possibly.

Queens is also the only borough other than Manhattan to appear in the top 10 most expensive zips to live in in the city. Even in the top 25 only two are non-Manhattan – Long Island City at #3 and Brooklyn’s 11249 zip at #23 (which is ironic, given the fuss when 11249 split from 11211, citing artistic differences).

Here are the 25 most expensive zips to rent a room in New York, with average monthly rents.

Prices in NYC

So shall we all move to Queens?


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