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We’re changing how we show interests on SpareRoom

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When you posted your ad on SpareRoom, you had the option to add interests – to let people know a bit more about who you are, and what you’re into. This can be a great way to find roommates you have things in common with.

We’re making this easier. Now, we’re providing you with an extensive list of interests to choose from – making it quicker to find and select common passions.

Introducing: our updated shared interests features

So, what's changed? In a nutshell: instead of typing your chosen interests in, you can select from our vast list of interests, in order of popularity. This will make it much easier to find people on SpareRoom that you click with.

Another change is that your interests are now unique to your user account – rather than each ad. This means the interests will appear on every ad on your account.

We’ve streamlined a huge list of interests to make sure everything’s covered. If you think we’re still missing something though, you can suggest new ones to add.

Will this change my ad?

Some of the interests you had typed in before might have disappeared or been replaced with new equivalents. We've tried to convert your old interests to the new system as closely as possible - you can review what's currently listed on your ad in the "My Ads" section of your "Account".

These are your interests, so will appear on all the ads you have on your account. So if you're posting an ad on behalf of someone else, it would make sense to create a separate account to list their interests.

Please note: if you're advertising as a landlord or broker, you won't be able to add interests to your profile – this feature is intended for roommates to find people they have things in common with.

What if I use the app?

If you use SpareRoom’s app, make sure you update it. Interests may still appear on your ad if we were able to update them and/or you've edited them on the website, but you won't be able to add or edit interests if you're using an old version of the app.

If you’ve got any questions about interests, or any of our other features, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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