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South Beach - the perfect blend of relaxing beach vacation and crazy nights out. Well known around the world, this Miami neighborhood definitely lives up to its reputation. With countless clubs, shopping opportunities, delicious restaurants and white sand beaches, South Beach will never leave you wanting more.

Pride Party | Photo Credits: Miami Beach Pride


Historically known as the LGBTQ+ hub of Florida, South Beach continues to be home to one of the largest LGBTQ+ communities in Florida and across the US South. South Beach as an entertainment destination draws in tourists from all around the world. Known for its wild party scene and stunning white sand beaches, even Miami locals can't stay away.

1 Hotel South Beach | Photo Credits: Cvent


With weather as perfect as this, it's hard to stay out of the South Beach sun. If you're hoping for the perfect golden tan and a swim, look no further than South Beach's many public beaches. From South Pointe Beach to Lumus Park, lay out in the sun and enjoy the beautiful ocean view. If you're looking for something a little less crowded, almost every shore-line hotel has a private beach and beach side pool.

Smith & Wollensky South Beach | Photo Credits: Miami Eater


If a day at the beach has you feeling seafood inspired, check out Joe's Stone Crab or Stiltsville Fish Bar, some of Miami's best seafood spots. If you're feeling indecisive, head over to Stubborn Seed and opt for the tasting menu for a selection of Top Chef winner Jeremey Ford's personal favorites. Can't get enough of the ocean view? Check out the countless water side cafes and restaurants like Smith & Wollensky.

Liv Miami | Photo Credits: Discotech


If you're looking to party, you've come to the perfect place; South Beach is world renowned for its crazy parties and clubs. Head over to LIV or STORY, if you're hoping to run into celebrities or watch your favorite DJ perform. If you're hoping for something a little more chill, head over to the Mondrian Hotel's Sunset Lounge for an outdoor live music lounge.

Lincoln Road | Photo Credits: Timeout


South Beach is every shopper's paradise; from boutique shops to massive chains, South Beach has it all. The most famous shopping strip is Lincoln Road an outdoor pedestrian mall lined with shops, cafes and always busy with performers. If you want to do some shopping with a view, head over to Sunset Harbor, South Beach's trendiest new area. Sip on pressed juice as you explore the newest up and coming stores and boutiques.

Getting there:

Miami Airport: 35 minutes by car
Wynwood: 25 minutes by car
Coral Gables: 35 minutes by car
Coconut Grove: 30 minutes by car
Brickell: 25 minutes by car

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