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Author: Lauren Hickey

Los Angeles

The Valley Area Guide | SpareRoom

We’re, like, so excited to welcome you to the San Fernando Valley (a.k.a. The Valley)! Home to nearly 2 million people, you likely know the Valley's most famous residents, The Kardashians- who live in upscale Calabasas - but with 34 distinct areas, you don’t need to be a Kardashian to live here.

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Malibu Neighborhood Guide | SpareRoom

Located in the northwestern corner of LA, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Topanga Canyon have the panoramic ocean views. A favorite of artists due to the harmony of sun and sea, living in one of these neighborhoods will give you the quintessential California coastal experience!

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Santa Monica & Venice Area Guide | SpareRoom

Two of America's most iconic beach towns, Santa Monica and Venice’s unique blend of surf, sand and sea brings together locals and tourists alike. If Santa Monica is the popular girl in high school, then Venice is her hipster cousin. If beach living is your thing, don't miss these two neighborhoods.

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Beverly Hills & Bel Air Area Guide | SpareRoom

These are the real money spots... literally! One of the most famous and coveted zip codes in America, 90210 (Beverly Hills) has celebs, expensive cars, movie star mansions and luxurious shopping, while neighboring zip code 90077 (Beverly Glen and Bel Air) has sweeping views of DTLA and beyond.

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West Hollywood Area Guide | SpareRoom

Nestled between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the trendy and progressive neighborhood of West Hollywood has made a name for itself as the so-called heart of LA, known for a vibrant nightlife, buzzing restaurant scene, and the glitzy-yet-grimy Sunset Strip.

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Hollywood Area Guide | SpareRoom

Welcome to Hollywood, where the stars are everywhere: in the sidewalk, in the sky, and if you’re lucky, maybe even standing next to you on the street. From the chaos of Hollywood Blvd. to the iconic Hollywood sign in the Hills, Hollywood has tons to offer. Don't miss this classic LA neighborhood!