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Reactions to L train news: Shutdown or not?

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New Yorkers hearing the news

When Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the shutdown was cancelled three months before it was supposed to begin, everyone was taken aback.


he said what

Seeing other people’s reactions

There were mixed emotions about the sudden change in plans...


Everyone who was preparing for a "commuting nightmare"

For three years people were scrambling to figure out what they would do. Stay? Move? Only to find out that they might not need to decide after all...

wait what

Brooklynites who decided to stay

Most are pretty relieved, now they can relax and stop worrying about a horrendous commute.


Brooklynites who got deals with apartments

To long time residents that got lowered rents and additional perks: Congratulations.


Brooklynites who got their apartments for a lower cost

Brooklyn prices have been increasing while those in North Brooklyn have been decreasing by the L train. Score!

dancing steve

Brooklynites who moved because of the L train shutdown

They ain't happy...


Brooklynites who didn't want to leave but couldn't handle a terrible commute

They really ain't happy...

mad dog

Trying to read updates

What does this mean for residents? What does this mean for commuters? What is this new plan? When will it be finished?

what is happening

"Partial weekend shutdowns"

So basically what New Yorkers are already experiencing...

your point

"Work could last between 15 to 20 months"

When is anything completed in a timely and convenient time frame around here?

bored boo

Updates from January 15th emergency meeting

After a 3 hour meeting, there are more questions than answers on the status of Cuomo's plan...

nathan fillion

Is the L train shutting down or not?

We won't find out until an official meeting to vote on the plan in the upcoming weeks...

seinfeld shrug

Waiting for MTA board to cast its vote

At this time, being in limbo on the L train status means waiting to find out if New Yorkers need to go back to preparing for a major change or carry on as normal...


What are your thoughts on the L train news? Do you approve of Governor Cuomo's plan or should the MTA stick to the 15 month shutdown? Tell us your reactions on our Facebook page.

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