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13 Spooky Roommates

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Your house doesn't have to be haunted for you to experience living with spooky roommates. Check out our list of 13 most common types of roommate monsters, and what it's like living with them.

Which type of roommate would you choose to live with - or are you the monster yourself?

1. The Ghost

Occasionally you’ll hear soft footsteps going to either the kitchen or bathroom. Is your roommate alive? You never see them but according to their recent Instagram story they are. It’s only the light shining under their bedroom door late at night that confirms their presence. #creepy

2. The Mummy

You can pretty much guarantee they’re the reason you’re out of toilet paper. They spend a lot of time in bed, wrapped up in their Egyptian cotton sheets, and is known to curse if you dare to disturb their sleep.

3. The Werewolf

Sometimes it feels like you've got a pet, thanks to the hair you find all other the place. The Werewolf has friends over often, but they're pretty friendly if they welcome you into the pack. They can be moody but you’ve learned the best remedy for soothing their inner beast is lots of sleep and food.

4. The Zombie

Do they ever actually leave the apartment? They only seem to stir when they go to the bathroom or answer the door for the pizza man. The Zombie can be a messy roommate, but they're generally quite self contained. And even though they don’t talk much, they always know what’s new on Netflix and Hulu.

5. The Frankenstein

They may look scary but you know they're actually sweet. As a hopeless romantic, The Frankenstein will often ask for dating app help and your opinion on their matches. And while they might not be too chatty, when you find the right topic you’ll learn they're a great conversationalist.

6. The Slasher Villain

Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you. Most days they prefer a refreshing face mask over a hockey mask. Living with The Slasher Villain is almost quieter than living with a ghost. You’ve been startled multiple times when turning a corner - you never hear them coming. They don't say much but are always friendly when you find yourself in the same room. That's what makes them the perfect listener.

7. The Robot

The Robot is the type of roommate that likes a neat environment. Though hard to establish an emotional connection with, they’re great for computer advice, fixing broken electronics, or if you ever need something charged. At a certain point in the night, they need to shut down - but they're a heavy sleeper, so disturbing them will never be a problem.

8. The Goblin

The Goblin is a night owl and loves the dark - the only light you'll see coming from their room is from the faint glow of their computer screen. They tend to host the best movie nights too - they’ll supply the food and drinks as long as you keep the room dark.

9. The Siren

The Siren's long showers can be a pain but you love to hear them sing. They're also pretty busy on the dating scene, and often have new suitors over to the apartment. Catch them in the wrong mood and they’ll be a bit snappy - but their charming personality can always convince you to tag along with them on a wild night out.

10. The Alien

They're a weird roommate, but definitely a good one to have around. The Alien is not only entertaining, but genuinely wants to learn more about you and how you live. They shy away from cameras so don't expect any selfies together, but they're a great photographer to have on hand for impromptu photoshoots.

11. The Witch

The Witch will make your apartment feel magical - their candle collection makes your home feel cozy and smell great. They often have an infectious laugh and love spending time in the kitchen - although some of their recipes may look a little bizarre...

12. Vampire

You'll never see The Vampire during the day since they work and/or party all night. When awake they're polite and respectful of your space - they always ask permission before entering it. They’re usually a great companion to share a glass of red wine and gossip with after a long day too.

13. The Grim Reaper

You're not exactly sure what they do for work but it's a comfort to have a roommate with a steady job. The Grim Reaper is a good market buddy to haggle with prices - they've been around a long enough to make the best deals. And while their jokes can be morbid, they still manage to make you laugh every time.

Now we've got your attention, how about we get to know each other a little better? We'll start, with something you probably don't know about us...

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