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College Lifestyles That Aren't Acceptable Post-College

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Finals finish and you reach the pinnacle of your college career (depending on how you rate your achievements that is, you know, multiple keg stands, or hardfought intramural wins may take precedence). Life is good, you can throw down after saying goodbye to exams and go back to blacking out at 2pm on a Wednesday.

But that triumphant feeling of moderate accomplishment will suddenly erode as quick as your sobriety when you realize what’s ahead. You either move back in with your parents for the summer, or if you’re a senior, those 4 years of college have come to an end and your parents are kicking you out. They start throwing out phrases like ‘it’s time to pay us back’ or ‘start doing something with your life’. Either way it’s like getting slapped in the face with a wet fish.

As someone who has flown the coop a number of years ago, I’ve moved onto bigger and better things (or at least I keep telling myself that), adopting a more appropriate (sort of) lifestyle compared to my college days. These are some examples of things that you may have become accustomed to under the guise of college which are no longer acceptable in the post-college chapter* (nor the living at home stage either):

Aggressively boozing at 10am

Yes this was pretty much a norm during the college era. Rising from the ashes of the night before, you would awaken from your slumber and suckle on the sweet nectar of that Natty Light or PBR to start the day afresh. But considering you’re now an ‘adult’, those behaviors are no longer acceptable (at least not during the week). Put those beers on ice.

Stumbling home hammered at 4am ready for a ‘party at my place’

Surprisingly, those in the real world aren’t exactly fans of bringing the party home so that’s a habit you’re going to need to kick. Yes, it was all fun and games during college, as roommates would encourage and actively engage in such behavior. However, when you live with people who are grindin’ 9-6 Monday-Friday they’re not so keen on losing those precious Zzz even when it comes to the weekend. So yeah, maybe hit pause on the afterparty.

Not paying bills on time

Okay this may not apply if you’re at home for the summer but mannn if you’re in the real world this is a biggie! During college things tend to be taken care of in part thanks to student loans, and in part thanks to your parents managing said student loans and all that comes with it. But alas, those days are gone and you have to fend for yourself. Don’t be that person who doesn’t keep on top of bills/rent or burns all their cash on booze and takeout. Hot tip: budgeting is key. Good luck kiddo!

Living in filth

Yes, we can all admit that we’ve lived in squalor at one time or another - college changes you dude, but c’mon our parents raised us better than that - now it’s time to do them proud. Clean your dishes, mop the floors, fluff those cushions, do what it takes to live in anything but a dive. If you really are struggling then maybe it’s time to hire a cleaner on the regular? If you do, make sure to include it in that budget we mentioned.

*These examples are not necessarily from true experience

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