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Weird roommates, we’ve all had them. It can be hard to keep track of all the wacky stuff they’ve done over the years but luckily for us these people have documented their ‘interesting’ roommating experiences for us all to see. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Roommate said to call him “Radar” cause “It’s what everyone calls me.” Met many of his friends. Never heard any of them call him that #MyWeirdRoommate

I had a roommate who always ate cereal in the morning sitting on the toilet. Lid down. Just using it as a chair #MyWeirdRoommate

Oh wait, this is weird?

I had a roommate who used to sketch her boyfriend in his boxers, while he posed on MY bed #MyWeirdRoommate

My college roommate decided to hang upside down from his bunk bed. When I came in, he said “I’m Batman” and the rail broke #MyWeirdRoommate

Batman approves

Once I couldn’t figure out why all of my underwear were missing. I asked my roommate, and he pulled down his pants and said, “Looking for these?” #MyWeirdRoommate

My college roommate would Snapchat pics of me every morning with the caption “The Sweet Prince sleeps.” #MyWeirdRoommate

There’s definitely a compliment in there somewhere

I found a baggy of cheese cubes in the shower. When I asked my roommate about it, he said, “Oh, it’s just my shower cheese.” #MyWeirdRoommate

My roommate would number her Kraft singles with a Sharpie so she’d know if we took one #MyWeirdRoommate

People and their cheese

My roommate used to knock on my bedroom door in the middle of the night and when I opened it, she would say, “Just checking.” #MyWeirdRoommate

I wanted to get out of my apartment ASAP. I saw an ad that said, “Looking for a clean, quiet roommate.” I called the number. It was my roommate. #MyWeirdRoommate

Wait what?

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