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Ways Roommates Can Get Under Your Skin

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We've all had them right? Roommates that don't quite cut it. For one reason or another some people can't quite grasp the idea of a symbiotic relationship unless it's a parasitic one, yikes!

How many of these can you relate to?

Never cleaning up

“Uh could you please clean up your leftover pizza and beers from last Friday?”


Being moody

“Me moody? I’m not moody, why would you say that?”

Shedding into the shower drain

“It can’t be me. My hair is chocolate brown, that’s clearly chestnut.”

Borrowing money

“Could you grab this for me? I’ll get you back, promise.”

Inviting over annoying friends

“Nice to see you Brian. It’s been awhile, huh?”

...who never leave

“Oh it’s 11pm on a Sunday? We should totally hang out some more.”

Eating all your food

“Yo you gonna finish eating that?”

Sitting on the couch after the gym

“You’re greasing up the entire couch.”

The omnipresent significant other

“Heads up, Sophie’s staying over tonight, and maybeee for the rest of the week too.”

Always getting sick

“What is with your immune system? You’re putting me at risk!”

Not replacing the toilet paper

“Why do you put me in this position?!”

Never taking out the trash

“I was gonna do it tomorrow but you beat me to it.”

Engaging in nefarious activities

“Oh yeah, I only do it on special occasions, like the weekend.”

Tagging along

“Hey, did I hear you’re going to the cinema tonight with Sarah? What time we leaving?”

Using all the hot water

“Thanks, a cold shower when it’s 32 degrees out is exactly how I wanted to start my day.”

Leaving the lights on

“Not again.”

Not paying bills on time

"Heads up - rent is due tomorrow, and last months rent was due a month ago."

Opening a window when it’s freezing out

“I’ll just curl up and freeze to death.”

Refusing to open a window when it’s a billion degrees out

“This is not okay.”

Forgetting to flush

“Oh god, the horror!”

Being super loud in the morning

“Don’t take my extra 15 minutes of sleep away from me.”

Posting passive aggressive notes

"To whoever keeps leaving their dishes in the sink…"

Wearing your stuff

“Being the same size is soooo great.”

Treating the common room like a second bedroom

“Why is your underwear slung over the couch?”

But in the end (if they're your roomie soulmate) you deal with it all because…

“I think you and I, are destined to do this forever.”

However, if things like these are finally getting to you it may be time for a move. Avoid these types of roommates in the future by using SpareRoom to find the one roommate that triumphs above all!

Now we’ve got your attention, how about we get to know each other a little better? We’ll start, with something you probably don’t know about us...

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