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NYC Roommates - The Good, The Bad & The Intriguing

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If you’re reading this you either live in New York or you’re considering making the move. Either way, you’ll soon be familiar with the peril of the tight living quarters this city has to offer. What is not necessarily common knowledge to those outside of NYC is what comes with these cramped spaces - roommates.

Roommates are a key part of any living experience, particularly if you're new to a city. As time goes by these people will either be your best friends or your worst enemies. Here at SpareRoom we’re big advocates of finding the right roommates so we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of the roommates that you’re going to encounter during your apartment share in NYC:

The One Who’s Never There

You move in day one, time passes, 6 months later and you can count on one hand the number of times you’ve seen this roommate. How is this possible? Do they work 24/7? Maybe they stay at their partner’s place? Are they involved with some sort of secret agency? Are they a billionaire who rents just for the hell of it? Can anyone’s work and social life be that good? It’s just one of those mysteries of life that I guess we’ll never solve! On that note, if anyone has seen my roommate could you please tell him that I’m looking for him, it’s been 3 years!

The One Who’s Always There

You leave for work in the morning, they’re there, you come home from work and they’re still there! There isn’t ever a time when you’re completely alone and that’s something you’ll just have to deal with. I guess it’s an art in its own unique way, to spend so much time in your apartment that you eventually unify as one. Best to spin a positive light on it right?

The Neat Freak

Is that a knife in the sink? A single crumb on the couch? A cloth out of place? Let World War III commence! It’s tough to catch a break here amidst the controversy over dishes, floors, and the shower but I guess you can take the positives from it, you always have a clean apartment and guests are super impressed at how nice your place always looks. On the other hand, it can be draining both physically and mentally. It’s up to you to decide whether the compliments are worth the pain.

The Party Animal

The first few weeks you’re high on life after moving to NYC and it’s great to have someone to party with but when you eventually settle you realize this lifestyle is that person’s life. This person eats, sleeps and breathes the motto of New York as the city that never sleeps. Seven nights a week they are game, they want to lay their mark on every bar in every borough. At first you’re cool with it, let them do their thing but as time goes on you realize that maybe an intervention could be a good idea...

The Entitled One

They’ve spent their entire life under mommy and daddy’s umbrella, shielding them from the real world for a little too long. Now they want to take on the big city, their name in lights. And then reality kicks in; they miss out on breaks, things don’t go their way and as a result they spend most of their time moaning and whining, not knowing how lucky they really are. They may be able to ball out on nights out or fine dining, but is all the grumbling worth it? That’s for you to decide!

The Out of Towner

New York is such an international city that you’re more likely to live with someone who’s not from New York. Every part of the world is represented here, whether it’s a girl from Iowa in the Midwest or a guy from Fiji on the other side of the world. Make sure you get the most out of your roommating experience by embracing the different people you meet. Find out what it’s like growing up in Wisconsin or how they say hello in Serbia and be sure to impart your knowledge where you see fit. Go forth and embrace the diversity!

The New Yorker

They’ll be able to steer you in the right direction from the best pizza place, to that speakeasy that you were convinced was a laundromat, or even the most underrated museums in the city. Listen to their longstanding wisdom having lived here their entire life but be careful as you may find yourself hanging on their every word. Remember, everyone has their flaws. Oh and a heads up, don’t poke the bear by asking ‘silly’ questions or telling them your favorite baseball team is the Red Sox.

The Clingy One

Thinking of grabbing lunch with an old friend? Make that a reservation for 3. Going on a date? Call a mechanic, there’s a third wheel. Despite your best efforts there’s just no shaking them. Like a leech, they latch onto you and cling for dear life. At the start it’s endearing, but as time passes, you find yourself craving the freedom you once had. Best bet is to find a new person to pawn your stage 5 clinger onto. Haha yeahhh best of luck with that…

The Best Friend

Yes things can be difficult when it comes to apartment sharing but it’s not all bad, you also have the opportunity to meet someone you just click with and from there it’s golden. Living with your BFF means you’ll always have a partner in crime, doing chores together feels like a party, and no matter how bad your day is, you always get to come home to your favorite person. A friend for life! The best way to find someone like this is to get to know them first. At SpareRoom we offer a cool interactive way for potential roommates to get know more about each other through profiles and our SpeedRoommating events around NY! Find out more about our weekly events here: SpeedRoommating


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