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Ziva Meditation's Emily Fletcher takes the stress out of finding a roommate

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So, you want a new apartment, or a better roommate (or both). You have to see what you want to create mentally before it will show up in your life. This is why everyone from Olympic athletes to hedge fund managers uses visualization before big events to improve their outcomes.

In visualization, we gently guide our thoughts to visualize the best-case scenario or use our imagination to have a full five-sense experience of how our next high-demand situation would ideally play out. Visualization is, therefore, a valuable tool to prepare our physical, mental, and emotional states for high performance times like finding a new home.

Try my “Come to Your Senses” guided visualization before your next landlord or roommate meeting and get grounded in your body and clear on your desires.

This is a guest blog from Emily Fletcher, renowned meditation expert and Founder of Ziva Meditation.

We're giving away a free audio guided meditation from Emily all week. And if that wasn't enough, once you've downloaded it we'll enter you into a competition to win an 8 day online meditation course worth $250.

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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