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Brace yourself, NYC. It's Rental Anxiety Week

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Attention, New Yorkers. Rental Anxiety Week has arrived. That’s the week of August 21 to 25 – shown in our studies as the most stressful time to be searching for a new apartment or roommate in NYC.

But fear not, because this year we’re here, and we’ve partnered with Ziva Meditation to give you the tools to figure out your new living situation with minimal stress.

What is Rental Anxiety Week?

We've analyzed over 1.3 million visits to SpareRoom over the year and the busiest week for the NYC rental market is the third week of August (that's right - this week!). It's when most New Yorkers move and also when grads and students flock into the city for the start of new classes and jobs.

With it only taking the average New Yorker 11 days to find a roommate, the rush doesn’t last long – which makes time even more precious. Because nobody wants to end up paying two rents, or couch surfing because they can’t find a room…

How we're helping

Thankfully SpareRoom is here to take the stress out of finding a roommate, but we’ve also partnered with Emily Fletcher, renowned meditation expert and Founder of Ziva Meditation, to give you the stress-relieving techniques needed in body and mind to approach roommate and apartment hunting in a relaxed way. We’ll be bringing you:

  • Mindfulness exercise videos and audio downloads
  • Lots of practical tips for managing stress
  • Advice on how to find a roommate in a short window of time

We've got a free audio guided meditation you can download and keep to kick things off...and if that wasn't enough, once you've downloaded it we'll enter you into a competition to win an 8 day online meditation course worth $250.

A great tool for reducing anxiety

Imagine having something in your back pocket that could help you relieve stress, and improve your performance when it's go-time? Ziva has created a free downloadable audio, to help reduce anxiety as you're searching for a new apartment or roommate this week: zivaPERFORMANCE. This powerful, guided meditation will help you connect with your body and the present moment, resulting in a calmer mind.

Give it a try when you're about to meet a new landlord or potential new roommate, and see the difference in your thoughts and actions – coming from a place of confidence, rather than anxiety.

Ziva Meditation Competition

Your chance to LiveRentFree

And then there's the best case scenario of them all: a month or a year free from paying rent. We run a competition every month that gives you the opportunity to have your month's rent paid by us, alongside a bigger annual competition that could cover your rent for a whole YEAR. With so many chances to enter, what are you waiting for? Click the banner below and keep 'em crossed.



Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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Sharing Lifestyle Rental Anxiety Week

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