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Paying rent sucks, right?

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What's your biggest monthly outgoing? If it isn't your rent, you're either getting an incredible deal, or you have a ridiculously expensive shopping habit you should consider scaling back.

The average rent for a room in a shared apartment in New York is now $1,210. It's not much less in Boston or L.A. and it's a massive $1,322 in San Francisco.

But what if you didn't have to pay rent every month? What would that mean? Would you travel, start a business or just kick back and enjoy a stress free life for a while?

Back in December, two lucky roommates got the opportunity to do just that, thanks to SpareRoom. Our founder and CEO Rupert Hunt moved to New York from London to focus on SpareRoom's U.S. expansion. Rather than rent on his own, he decided to find two roommates, and charge them just $1 each to share his West Village loft. You can read the story, and meet the two entrepreneurs he ended up living with, here.

'Lucky them,' I hear you cry. 'But what about me?' Don't worry, you're about to get your chance. We've got an exciting announcement to make on Monday May 8th - you won't want to miss it.

Keep an eye on SpareRoom's Facebook page to hear more or, even better, register with SpareRoom now (it's free) and we'll email you details.


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