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New York vs London - Which is the best city to rent in?

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If you live in a city, chances are you spend a fair bit of time complaining about the cost of living, particularly if you live in New York or London.

Both regularly feature on lists of the world's most expensive cities for good reason. Yet both are also amongst the most creative, vibrant, diverse cities in the world.

We decided to ask roommates in NYC and London how they live. By looking at average rents, cost of living, who people live with and how they commute, we've been able to build up a fascinating head to head picture of how New York and London really compare.

Let's dive in and look at the typical roommate in each city....

So, the average New Yorker earns more, is slightly older and is most likely to have just one roommate. So far, so good. OK, now what about rent?

Ouch! NYC is definitely more expensive than London when it comes to rents. You're also less likely to get any outside space for your money.

Those annual savings make it pretty clear that living with roommates is way cheaper than renting on your own though!

Next we looked at the cost of living...

Turns out that, while New Yorkers earn more, they also need to spend a lot more on bills and food.

Finally, the dreaded commute. How do New Yorkers get around and how long do they spend commuting compared to Londoners?

The typical New Yorker has a shorter commute than her London counterpart. Only one in three Londoners has a commute of less than 30 minutes, compared to half of New Yorkers. Looks like New Yorkers are more likely to hop in a cab though!

So, there you have it. Which city wins? The truth is that both New York and London are incredible places to live, the experience is a little different - even with those higher rents and bills, New Yorkers have more disposable income due to higher salaries.

So, which would you choose?


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