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Could your horoscope tell you where you should live?

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For almost 2,500 years, humans have always looked to astrology for guidance. But today’s version looks a little different - whether it be reading your daily in a magazine or scrolling through TikTok, many of us are turning to astrology to seek guidance, relieve stress, find out more about ourselves, and make sense of the crazy world we live in. Especially during the dreaded mercury retrograde, that’s the worst…

But with this huge rise in popularity in recent years and specific interest from Gen Z, due to easy accessibility from media such as TikTok, podcasts and cute coffee table books, it seems astrology is still a hot topic almost two and a half thousand years later. Pretty timeless, right?

Here at SpareRoom, we’re suckers for a good horoscope. So, we asked for your thoughts and it turns out over a third of you who believe in horoscopes would use your zodiac sign to help inform a big decision. And what bigger decision is there than choosing where to live? This got us thinking - could astrology be used to identify the best place for us to live?

Astrology was first used to inform us on the course of our lives on the basis of the positions of the planets, and of the twelve astrological constellations at the moment of birth - so its purpose has always been to help us navigate life decisions.

We’ve teamed up with an astrologer to create the ultimate horoscope helping Gen Z and Millennial renters find the best place to live based on their zodiac sign.

So if you’re reconsidering where you’re living and wanting a change, why not take a chance and move where your star sign tells you to? Who knows what could happen? The stars may align and fate could be on your side…

ARIES - Las Vegas, Nevada

(March 21 - April 19)


Aries crave excitement and adventure, with a dash of danger. For them, a home must be situated on the edge of something thrilling, while the home itself doesn’t have to contain chaos.

What US city says “Carpe Diem!” more than Vegas?! It’s a city with pizzazz, humour, and above all else, attitude. Being here would allow an Aries to feel the comfort of knowing that they can dip into fun whenever they please, without having to do it all of the time.

TAURUS - New Orleans, Louisiana

(April 20 – May 20)


When a Taurus’ stomach is full, they're happy. These earth signs are known for being friendly, reliable, and lovers of great music. Taurus’ are purveyors of luxury and joy, and crave stability in a home more than most signs.

New Orleans is a city founded on great food and music. The temperate- to-hot climate of this southern city aids in its slow paced attitude, remarkable cuisine and unbeatable musical scene. A life of wandering from cocktail bar to brasserie is easy to imagine here, and the street festivals that come with Mardi Gras are legendary for a reason.

GEMINI - Boston, Massachusetts

(May 21 – June 20)


A key trait of all Geminis is that they never stop asking “why?”. Their curious and forever-changing nature will often lead them far and wide across the world. A naturally academic sign, Geminis need cultural stimulation and new experiences in the place they call home.

Boston is home to any and every type of person seeking to know more about the world we live in. With a unique range of architecture and parks to wander through, there’s so much to do in this city. Artists and intellectuals flock here, and with the summer festival season turning this city into a playground of excitement, a Gemini can do more than just survive in Boston; they can thrive.

CANCER - Provincetown, Massachusetts

(June 21 – July 22)


Cancers are the ultimate homemakers! They’re the zodiac’s experts in cosy, nestled spaces and gentle environments. The home to them is everything, and thus must provide them with all of the tools to allow for a quiet retreat, while also showing the people who visit them a great time. Cancerians also love to facilitate a relaxing place for people to be, and adore having water nearby.

P-town has a hometown charm with a fun and touristy flip to it;
just the balance of family vibes and vacation dreams that a Cancer needs. With the Atlantic Ocean bordering on every side, this beachy destination is lush and inclusive to all who come by. Cancers hate feeling judged, so to live life to their fullest, a welcoming setting like P-town is much needed.

LEO - Los Angeles, California

(July 23 – August 22)


Leos love feeling loved and admired. What better place to do that than at the centre of everyone’s attention?! These fierce fire signs exude a vitality that makes sleepier folks envy their outgoing drive. Their home has to be compatible with social activity and entertainment.

Leos want everyone to know that they’re an angel, so of course they have to end up in the city of Angels! Their sunshine loving spirit fits the trendy, celebrity centred energy of this media hub. Whether they’re looking to be discovered, or discover the next big trend, a Leo has so much to do in this sprawling and iconic Californian city.

VIRGO - Burlington, Vermont

(August 23 – September 22)


Virgos serve hermit energy in the best way. These fiercely independent earth signs know their boundaries, and aren’t afraid to articulate them! They can spend copious amounts of time alone, and rarely experience boredom. Virgos need nature, simplicity, and quiet.

Burlington, Vermont holds every element of a quaint lakeside city where one can feel connected to a community, yet still hide from
the rest of the world. From the eerily quiet snows in winter, to the overgrown wildflower fields in the summer, this city’s environmentally conscious attitude speaks to the independence and intentionality that a Virgo loves.

LIBRA - Miami, Florida

(September 23 – October 22)


When it comes to design and aesthetics, Libras pave the way. From fashion to interiors; these Venus ruled folks may be indecisive at times, but always ground themselves in having a strong connection to what they value materially in a space.

Miami is undoubtedly a place that puts a lot of value on beauty. Any Libra who is looking for photo-opp sunsets, social settings to show off a new outfit and great weather all year round should take up residence here. Amazing artistic events like Art Basel keep things at the cutting edge of cultural production and provide inspiration for all who visit.

SCORPIO - Seattle, Washington

(October 23 – November 21)


Scorpios are fiercely protective of their space. Why? It’s less about an unwillingness to share or be generous, and more to do with their inherent need for people to respect their privacy. These water signs are the broody artists of the zodiac who experience their emotions on loud, but would rather not show it.

Seattle, Washington is a lush and drizzly city which defines itself through Scorpionic things; coffee, poetry and moody music! Mountains grace the city’s skyline (one of which is a dormant volcano), a metaphor of ominous beauty, adding the perfect touch for these brooding, thoughtful water signs.


(November 22 – December 21)


They're the student AND the teacher! Sagittarius are philosophers of the zodiac whose drive to discover more about the world pulls them through life. Home is fleeting for them, so when it comes to settling down, they have to be impressed with the setting they're settling for.

In New York City people say it like it is - something that comes quite naturally to most Sagittarius’! New York is a microcosm of the world that a Sagittarius wishes to explore. Plus, with JFK airport just a few trains away, it’s easy to satiate the need to escape that might arise.

CAPRICORN - Chicago, Illinois

(December 22 – January 19)


Capricorns are always looking for efficient solutions. Whether it comes to making practical purchases or finding a balanced way to fulfil their needs, these qualities make them great hosts, and even better workers.

While it offers a bit of everything, Chicago is not for the faint hearted. People come here from all over the States to wheel and deal in business, and of course, let loose at nightclubs. It’s a city where people work hard and play hard; a classic Capricorn motto.

AQUARIUS - Santa Fe, New Mexico

(January 20 – February 18)


Aquarians are the unconventional, independent thinkers of the zodiac. They crave connecting to a larger consciousness, and often enjoy being in community with politically/ethically like-minded folks. That being said, they also need their fair share of space away from other humans.

Filled with alien lovers and colourful balloons crossing the sky,
the quirky and cool setting of Santa Fe, New Mexico fits in with an Aquarian lifestyle. Known for being a hub of the arts, an Aquarius could have a beautiful studio space here while also knowing that their neighbours aren’t against sharing a drink around a campfire.

PISCES - Portland, Oregon

(February 19 – March 20)


A Piscean way of living requires gentleness. Home should be a sanctuary, and water should never be too far away. This water sign craves artistic exploits and mystical adventures. Without fresh cut flowers and an energetically balanced space, a Pisces simply won’t thrive!

Sleepy, low-key, and crafty! Portland is a modest city where cat lovers and bookworms can live their best life. An alternative lifestyle is the norm here and people from around the world flock to this place in the Pacific northwest. What Pisces wouldn’t want to live somewhere where it’s easy to find a spiritual healer, while being famous for its delicious donuts?


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