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New Feature: Filter out those fees!

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New Feature: Filter out those fees!

We feel your pain! You find the perfect apartment only to find out that there is a broker fee on TOP of the other rental costs -- and it’s practically the cost of another entire month’s worth of rent. We have a solution to help you refine your search.

We have added a brand new ‘no fee’ feature, helping you filter out those apartments with expensive broker fees so you can not only speed up your search, but also save money!

What’s the difference between a ‘no fee’ and a ‘fee’ apartment?

No Fee: if you rent a ‘no fee’ apartment, you generally do not pay a fee (a.k.a. a broker’s fee). Instead, the management company or landlord will cover the fee.

Fee: if you rent a ‘fee’ apartment, you as the renter will have to pay a broker’s fee and will pay that money directly to the broker. The cost can vary by broker and area (for example in New York: Manhattan is usually more expensive than Queens). The broker’s fee is generally negotiable, but tends to be either one month’s rent or anywhere from 8 to 15 percent of the full year’s lease.

How to utilize the 'No Fee' feature when looking for a room to rent:

  1. Perform a search, then select 'No broker fee only' at the top of the left hand side filter bar in the Rent $ section.

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  1. Perform an advanced search, specifically under Property preferences you will see an option labeled Broker Fees. If you wish, check the box off to only show rooms with no broker fees.

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How to spot a 'no fee' apartment in the search results:

Apartments that have been listed as 'no fee' are indicated by a 'No Fee' label in the top right hand corner of the advert.

How to post an advert which has a broker fee or 'no fee':

When you place an advert, there is an option on step 3 to whether to place the ad with a broker fee or place the ad as a no fee advert:

We hope you enjoy the new feature and it helps you list and also find the perfect new home. If you have any feedback on the feature please email