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Rupert's Housemate Hunt - The Shortlist

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One Manhattan Loft…Two rooms to rent…8,797 applications…almost 1,000 videos…and six roommates to chose from...

Since SpareRoom founder Rupert Hunt advertized for two people to share his West Village loft the response has been amazing. OK, some of that’s down to the fact he’s only asking for $1 a month in rent…but the sheer number of people who’ve been in touch has been astonishing.

Rupert has heard from entrepreneurs, actors, writers and musicians but also people who just want to take 6 months to study, explore a new city or change their lives in some way. People have been willing to re-locate from all over the USA (and all over the world) to join him.

His ad received almost 9,000 messages and so many videos it would take 48 hours to watch them all back to back!

But, finally, after going through everything, meeting as many people as possible and going to one of our SpeedRoommating events, he chose six people to meet all together, at the loft.

Rupert threw a party to get to know them better and so they could get to know each other – after all, they need to get on too! Everyone brought a friend along as what better way to get to know someone than through their friends?

So, here are the six Rupert chose…

Caroline, The New Yorker

Caroline has been living in New York for most of her life, making her the perfect person to
help a newcomer explore. She loves music festivals, chilling at the beach, but most of all skiing. Her goal is to ski on every continent. She’s planning to move to Europe sometime in 2017 for work so wants to make the most of her time left in New York.

Check out Caroline’s ad here:

Nate, The Dream Chaser

He’s a SoCal native, fresh to New York to take his digital healthcare startup – inspired by caring for his mother for the best part of the past 15 years - to the next level. He’s stopped paying himself a salary so is supporting himself with other work. Living almost rent free for 6 months would let him really focus on the business.

Check out Nate’s ad here:

Aleichia, The Humanitarian

Aleicha is a published author, blogger and aspiring filmmaker who's returning to New York after studying in Europe. Always focused on creativity, she’s hoping to change the world with her camera lens (pun very much intended).

Check out Aleicha’s ad here:

Cyrus, The Inventor

Cyrus is a winter sports enthusiast and has developed a ground breaking ski that adapts to your speed and terrain. He’s been supporting his growth towards profitability by cleaning windows. He's always dreamed of moving to NYC, and the $1 a month rent will really let him concentrate on his business (and give up the window cleaning!)

Check out Cyrus’s ad here:

Jacob, The Social Media Whizz

Using the power of social media influence, Jacob and his co-founders have raised over $600k to help He’s now moving to NY to pursue his dream to start a viral marketing agency.

Check out Jacob’s ad here:

Kiko, The Guacamole Guy

Kiko’s an entrepreneur who loves cooking and, more importantly(!), sharing food with his friends. He makes a mean guacamole. Talk about the perfect housemate for having a group of friends over!

Check out Kiko’s ad here:

There you have it.

Want to keep up to date with Rupert’s Housemate Hunt and see which two roommates he ends up living with? Follow our social channels:

Instagram:@RupertHunt, @SpareRoom


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