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Where are the most and least pet friendly cities in the US?

Where are the most and least pet friendly cities in the US?

Finding the perfect rental property that meets your requirements is never an easy task. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, built in washer/ dryer (oh the luxury!) are all things to consider when signing a lease. But for pet owners, finding the perfect rental property that meets your and your pet’s requirements can be even harder. With 70% of households in the US owning a pet, and pet ownership soaring during the pandemic - pet-friendly rental properties are hot on the market.

So which cities are most (and least) pet friendly? We put together a handy list to make your (and your pet’s) life a lot easier when searching for your next home.

Coming out as the most pet friendly metro area in the US is Raleigh, North Carolina, with 41% of rental listings allowing pets. If you’re looking to relocate with your pet, this could be the ideal city for you!

Some cities aren’t so accepting of furry friends however, with Miami, Boston and San Diego included in the least pet friendly metro areas. Even the country’s biggest city, New York, only allows pets in just one fifth of rental listings.

However, it’s California’s Riverside that is the least pet friendly, with just 13% of listings allowing pets.

Even the city with the highest percentage of listings accepting pets doesn’t come close to the 71% of renters who either have or would like a pet. So the search for a pet-friendly rental may not be smooth sailing wherever you go.

See below for the top 10 major metro areas that are the most and least pet friendly*:

Most pet friendly

Metro Pets Accepted
Philadelphia 24%
Raleigh 40%
Denver 36%
Minneapolis 32%
Chicago 28%
San Antonio 28%
Austin 27%
Detroit 26%
Phoenix 26%
Dallas 25%

Least pet friendly

Metro Pets Accepted
Riverside 13%
Baltimore 15%
Washington D.C. 15%
San Francisco Bay Area 16%
Miami 17%
Boston 17%
Las Vegas 18%
Los Angeles 20%
San Diego 20%
Atlanta 20%

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