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What makes the perfect roommate?

What makes the perfect roommate?

Nobody’s perfect, we all know that. But if you could design your perfect roommate, what would they be like? Would they always remember to take the trash out? Would they never hog the bathroom in the mornings? Or would you want them to just keep to themselves?

To find out some of the most common qualities people want in a roommate, we surveyed over 6,000 people to discover exactly what matters when you’re looking for someone to live with, and what doesn’t...

Coming in equal first as the four most important qualities in a roommate were respectful, responsible, honest and clean/neat. A whopping 99% of respondents said these were all what they look for in a roommate.

These were followed by someone who is friendly and quiet, proving that a considerate roommate is important.

Smoking seems to play a role for many people, with 74% of roommates saying they definitely didn’t want to live with a smoker, but 34% said they’d prefer it if their roommate smoked.

1 in 3 said they want roommates to share their interests, like exercising, a love for plants, and baking.

1 in 3 people also said a willingness to share a Netflix subscription is important (AKA allowing them to use your account!)

A quarter of respondents would prefer to share with a wine drinker, meaning you’d never be far away from a roommate to drink with in the evenings!

40% of those in their 20s said they want a roommate who likes to party, but 82% over 50 said this was a deal breaker.

65% of women say gender is a factor in their search, but only 42% of men said the same.

So maybe everybody has different ideas to what they would like in a roommate, but whatever makes a pretty good roommate for you, it sure beats living alone!

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