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The rent is always too damn high!

The rent is always too damn high!

Nobody likes paying rent, so imagine how it would feel not to have to pay rent for a whole year. Good, right?

Now imagine what you'd do with all that extra cash. We asked 2,500 roommates that very question - 24% said they'd travel and 20% said pay off debt. So how about you?

Our Live Rent Free competition means one lucky roommate will be able to follow their dream - whatever that may be. Enter below to be in with a chance of getting your rent paid by us.

Not only that, once you've entered you can share the competition with your friends. They'll all get an entry, but you'll get two extra entries for every friend you refer. On top of that, if they then refer their friends, you'll get an extra entry for each of them!

Enter now by clicking the button below!