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Over 36k New Yorkers are looking for rooms, right now!

Over 36k New Yorkers are looking for rooms, right now!

That's right, we've got thousands of people online who are desperately looking to find rooms in New York.

You know the rental market's crazy and finding a good roommate can seem impossible. Advertise your room on SpareRoom and we'll have some great potential roommates interested in no time at all.

If you haven't heard of us, don't worry, we're kinda new to the US, but we've helped over 6m people in the UK with exactly this problem. In fact we've been going since 2004 - the same time the final episode of Friends aired on NBC. Whoah there, now we feel old.

So, why advertise your room with us?

  • We're safe - we have a human moderation team looking out for sketchy ads, so we're pretty confident you won't get any strange propositions, unlike Craigslist

  • We're free to use - but you can always upgrade if you're in a rush

  • We're time efficient - due to our advanced filtering you should get only relevant people interested, plus no constant refreshing of ads like on Craigslist

  • We've got video ads - this means you can get to know your potential roommate before you even message them

So, try us out and find the roommate you've always wanted!

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