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Agent Landing Page 1

Agent Landing Page 1

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    <p class="conversion-banner-title"><em>Calling all agents from NYC! Come try out our upgraded ad feature and start receiving interest's immediately</em></p>

    <p class="conversion-banner-subtitle">We have over 350,000 people looking for rooms on our site each month, so claim your free agent upgrade code now and get posting. </p> 
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Why choose SpareRoom?

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Demand </b><br>We have 4 times as many people looking for rooms than are advertising rooms - that means there is a lot of demand for rooms!</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Safety </b><br>All ads are moderated by real humans before going live, which means zero sketchiness (and perpetrators get caught)</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Analytics </b><br>The "Stats" button in your account shows the number of views and performance of your ads, over a week</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Social </b><br>Take advantage of our really active online social groups by sharing your ads, which will boost the response rates for your ads</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Convenience </b><br>No need to stay logged in always. We'll send you a notification as soon as there's an interest and you can access your account through the site or on the app</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Support </b><br>Our Customer Service team is on hand 7 days a week to help you get the most from SpareRoom</p>
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