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SpareRoom | Los Angeles | Landing-1

SpareRoom | Los Angeles | Landing-1

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    <p class="conversion-banner-subtitle">In Los Angeles we have a ton of rooms for rent available right now & over 500,000 people looking for rooms each month, so you'll be sure to find a room or roommate. </p> 

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Why choose SpareRoom?

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Convenience </b><br>No need to repost listings all the time to make sure they’re seen</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Safety </b><br>All ads are moderated by real humans before going live, which means zero sketchiness</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Free </b><br>We've always had a free option because you should NEVER have to pay to find great roommates</p>

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